Just like building a house, building a wardrobe requires a good foundation.  I’m not made of money, and you probably aren’t either.  So, instead of spending a whole paycheck on a bright neon green pair of skin tight jeans, maybe spend a little more than you usually would on good quality investment pieces.  These wardrobe stables are classic, always in style, and work for any age.  As long as you take proper care of your garments, you can wear these for the next 20 years – or even more.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials for the stylish millenial mom
1. Crisp, white, cotton button-up shirts in long and short sleeves – As long as it fits and you actually iron your shirt, you’ll look polished when paired with practically anything else.
2.  Cardigans in basic neutral colors – works well with any form fitting top, and perfect for layering.
3.  Well fitted boot cut jeans in dark, medium, and light washes – dress up, dress down, wear all around town!  Who doesn’t wear jeans nowadays? And boot cut is flattering on pretty much everyone.
4.  A trench coat –  I dare you to try to not look posh wearing one of these.  It worked in 1940, it will work in 2040.
5.  Knee length pencil skirts in black and tan – just make sure to wear heels.  And if you have wide hips or saddlebags, lining is your friend.
6.  A little black dress – preferably a simple sheath dress.  One dress, 100 looks with the right accessories.
7.  Dress pants in black and tan- again, these can go casual or dressy depending on what you pair them with.
With these basics, you’ll always look stylish and put together.  And just by adding a trendy piece or 2 to your outfit, you’ll be ahead of the game. Hello gorgeous!  Stay tuned for investment accessories to compliment your new wardrobe.

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